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A Foster Dad is one of the most selfless jobs a man can ever endure.

It is also the most gratifying. In Thoughts of a Foster Dad, Foster Care Advocate, Julian Goodson creatively explains how to turn a child trauma into adult triumph.

Realizing that his life has heavily revolved around Foster Care and Adoption, Julian makes his thoughts and personal experiences heartfelt in a very engaging way. Julian humbly writes about his youth and parenting experiences, helping the reader identify that he is not a blessing to his kids, but that his kids are a blessing to him.

In Thoughts of a Foster Dad, you will learn that Julian has walked down a path of which many can relate to. Julian will encourage people to help foster kids break their current cycle by using their God-given talent, skills, and love to pour into kids that need it the most. All kids deserve a loving home.

Julian believes all children deserve an opportunity to be the best versions of themselves and he gives many ways, as a community, that we can give kids that opportunity.



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