In the Wake of Father’s Day

13499786_10210391085832230_1047922313_o.jpgMany people struggle with Father’s Day.

It is not always a day of celebration. Some remember those who have passed away, such as my own father, while others mourn the distance between themselves and their child. I know that although I am surrounded by my children every Fathers Day, I still hurt for Zay.

Others struggle because Father’s Day is the continued reminder that they dont always know who they look like when they look in the mirror. Even more children wait out Father’s Day in a residental group home, restlessly waiting for a father to walk through the door and adopt them – feeling a rough bitterness from knowing this dream may never come true.

To the women, forced to play the role of both parents, who struggle to raise their children alone. Thank you for swallowing the bitterness of being left a job undone – I understand your struggle.

To the young men out there that are struggling with being a baby daddy because there was no one teaching you how to be Strong Fathers. I know that the struggle is real.
As a dad, I have a responsibility to teach my children all that I know. However, I can only draw from my own life experiences. I seem to have come up in a time and an environment where father’s were absent; were almost expected to be absent. Now I find myself trying to parent boys that have been abandoned by their own fathers; trying to teach them the true meaning of fatherhood.

So as I looked at my five boys on this past Father’s Day, I tried to put myself in their shoes and contemplated how i culd live out their dream father.The more I work towards this, the better they will be when they become fathers.


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