We Can Be the Help

8572353057_3db6fda34f_z (1).jpgOne of the biggest adjustments that I had to make as a foster dad was showing grace to my children’s biological parents. It is often difficult to swallow the harsh reality of why a child entered the foster care system, especially when that child – a living, breathing human beings – begins to confide those details to you.

I have found that there are many parents who blame the foster parents for their unfortunate situation. When confronted with these parents, I must find the directions to the high road and drag myself there as soon as possible in order to remain cordial and polite. Despite the hatred and evil words spewed at me, I have to accept them and begin helping them get their child back.

I find that the best tool to complete this task is prayer. I pray for understanding, guidance, perseverance.

I need understanding to help the child with their situation and to better understand what path we must take to make sure they can go home.

I need guidance so that I can lead that child down the right path.

I need perseverance so that I have the strength to “turn the other cheek” when the unfortunate negativity is thrown at us. 

I do, however, have a question for the mom that lost their child to the foster care system and that is: have you ever thrown your hands up in defeat and asked for help with your situation? My wife and I can be that help!

We promise to love, nurture, provide for, and take care of your child as if he is our own while you work on putting the pieces of your life together if only you let us help you.

The Goodson Home is not perfect but ‘love’ lives here – for both our children and those working to better their lives in order to get those young people back home.



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