12240314_10208603271978001_4749185380901661048_oJulian Goodson and his wife Stacey have been Foster parents for more than six years. On their first date, the subject of Foster Parenting came up. When Stacey learned that Julian was open to the idea of being a Foster parent, she knew that she would marry him.

Julian and his wife adopted two teenage boys at the age of thirteen and fifteen and recently adopted a 14 year old girl. Julian also has two bio children.  Throughout the journey, they have fostered a total of eighteen children. 988822_10205701913365849_8022995089337231247_n

Julian’s commitment to Foster Care has led to a career change as a Youth Development Specialist for Bethany Christian Services. Answering God’s calling, Julian works with Foster Care youth between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Julian teaches employ-ability skills and leadership development for the Summer Youth Employment Program.
Julian also teaches a Teen Outreach Program targeting the truant youth of Kent County. When he is not teaching in the classroom, he is teaching on the basketball court. Julian is passionate about teaching young men and young ladies necessary life-lessons through the game of basketball.

“I believe that Foster Parents hold one of the most important jobs on the planet.”

Julian Mack Goodson




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