The Day In The Life Of A Foster Kid

3090392251_911be4dfaf_mImagine being a 7 year old boy, one night your parents get into a fight and the police come and take your parents away in handcuffs.

The next day, the lady, that smells funny, tells you that she will take you to a different home and school, away from your sisters and brothers and you are only allowed to take what will fit into your duffle bag.

The next week, at the new school, you have a hard time with concentrating. You day-dream a lot. The teacher sends you to the principal’s office for misbehaving. You punched a kid in the nose for talking bad about your mom.

6692253593_cc3911bb5d_o (1)When you get home…errr I mean to your new house, the lady is there (the one that smells funny) talking to the parents of the house in the living room. You overhear them say “he is aloof, a dreamer, and aggressive, and I am afraid that he will hurt my bio son….please take him away.”

Now imagine that happening 10 more times before your 12th birthday. Would you be angry, hurt and scared? Wouldn’t you be confused and scared to trust?

This is the day in the life of some foster kids. These kids need and DESERVE love, patience, guidance, and understanding; but most importantly they DESERVE a loving home!