Trainings Offered


Stacey Goodson completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and her Master’s Degree in Human Services with a focus on Family and Community Studies.
Stacey has worked in child welfare for almost ten years and was a foster parent for 7 years; adopting three teenagers from MARE.  She and Julian had the privilege of caring for 18 children placed in their home.  She is passionate about equipping foster and adoptive parents, child welfare staff, and educators with the tools to care for children that have experienced trauma, abuse, and neglect.


Trainings Currently available:

Cross-Racial Parenting Training (Beginner Level) – 2 hours

Cross-Racial Parenting Training (Intermediate Level – 2 part training)

CRPT – Part 1 -The Layered Jello Salad – 1 1/2 hours

CRPT – Part 2 – Losing Your White Umbrella – 1 1/2 hours

(These two training shall be taken back to back with a break in between)

Having the Tough Conversations with Your Kids about Race (Advanced) – 3 hours

  (Available for foster/adoptive parents or Child Welfare Staff)

Making Trauma Informed Placement Decisions (Intermediate) – 3 hours

(Child Welfare Staff training)

Self – Care for Foster / Adoptive Parents (Beginner/Intermediate) – 2 hours

Trauma Training Workshop (Beginner or Intermediate Level Available) – 5 hours

Trauma Training Workshop for Schools – How Neglect and Trauma Affect Children in Schools – 3-5 hours available

Trauma Informed Training for Resource Parents

  National Child Traumatic Stress Network 12 Module Resource Parent Curriculum /                 Certified Trainer 

Additional Training topics and Forums available upon Content Request.  Please don’t hesitate to ask if the Training can be developed.

For Pricing, Training Descriptions, and Objectives, please contact Stacey Goodson at or click below